[etc] <Korea Beyond Coal> and Kirini on the 923 Climate Justice March

  • DATE : 2023.09.25 00:00
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"Our power beyond the crisis!" 

On September 23, Girini participated in the Climate Justice March alongside 30,000 people from across the country to show their support for the 2030 coal phase-out and the climate crisis. At the pre-march booth and open mic event at 12 noon, various speeches and activities were held on the theme of climate justice. At the main rally, participants raised their voices for the five demands and continued to speak out about the climate and ecological crisis.

After the plenary, participants marched with specific demands, and various climate crisis actors spoke from the marching vehicles.

In the march, Girini walked alongside the call to "start the 2030 coal phase-out and climate action".

Transition beyond the crisis is only possible with "the power of all of us.

Our power to rise above the crisis will continue.