[etc] October 25, KBC Incheon Campaign

  • DATE : 2023.11.01 00:00
  • HIT : 273


On October 25, Beyond Coal gathered in Incheon to campaign for the early closure of units 1-6 of the Yeongheung thermal power plant and for preparations for the transition of the region.

From exhibitions and picketing at the Incheon Terminal intersection to raise awareness of the problems at Yeongheung, to a downtown march to the Incheon Metropolitan City Hall, to press conferences and speeches in front of the city hall.

We conveyed our message by campaigning for a just transition beyond old coal.

To combat the climate crisis and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Incheon should prepare for a just transition by deciding on the early closure of Yeongheung Thermal Power Plant Units 1-6.

The closure of coal-fired power plants should be discussed and prepared with various actors, including local residents, workers, and civil society, and the event should not stop with the closure, but should be viewed and responded to from the perspective of 'regional transition'.

<Beyond Coal> stands with the early closure and just transition of Yeongheung Thermal Power Plant Units 1-6.