Save BTS's #butterbeach!

Remember the BTS beach concept photo for "Butter" album? The #ButterBeach located at Maengbang Beach in Samcheok, a city in Korea's Gangwon Province, is now in danger.

Coal plant to the left,
clean beach to the right?

Samcheok Blue Power, a subsidiary of POSCO, is building a coal power plant nearby #butterbeach. With the ongoing construction of seawalls, sand is being swept out into the ocean, The beautiful Maengbang Beach that we saw in the BTS photo concept is at risk of disappearing.
(Photos of Maengbang Beach with coal plant construction underway)

Maengbang Beach before construction of the Samcheok Blue Power coal power project
(Photo Credit: Samcheok City)

Maengbang Beach as Samcheok Blue Power coal power project construction progresses
(Photo Credit: Ha Taesung)

Coastline erosion at Maengbang Beach
(Photo Credit: Ha Taesung)

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The priceless #butterbeach

The climate crisis is getting worse and building a new coal plant is not what we need. Many governments plan to close coal-fired power plants, which the Korean government has also agreed with. Once it's built, the new coal plant in Samcheok can only run for 10 years. But Maengbang Beach will be forever ruined and cannot be restored. We still have time to stop this.

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We can save #butterbeach.
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This campaign is a collaboration with Kpop4planet, which fights for climate justice with K-pop fandoms.

Korea Beyond Coal

Korea Beyond Coal is a network of 25 environmental and civic groups urging for coal phase-out by 2030, the halt to construction of new coal power plants, the end to financial support for coal power projects, and a just transition to renewables.

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